So son we see sleeping seating sleazy seasoning 

Please seek some seeds to sort some singing 

Soldiers solder souls and sultans sojourn skulls

Stalls in looms shook shrooms and swords in succession swinging 

As a Sabbatarian savors Sabine snapped in cellophane 

Sapped his simple strength stirrup in syrup the steed sits silently 

With soft served sandwiches Stanford says Sweepy-heads sweep streets in sewers sick

Slick sticks switch sellable syllables sins shins in sablefish sith still with syphilis 

Some songs say the silliest seams to stay serious 

We are

Simply cynical spiritual spherical animals on stages of incubations situations call for a sucking Succubus 

Subtly sumptuous searching the benefits in serrated sulphuric deposits solids 

Solemn are squids in soiled liquids solvents solving problems silently


'Cause we sleep and dreams bring things we try to explain but can't quite seem to think of the 

Write words we jot down the blood clots that cause our seizures

Ceasar leaves his teas in seas as we breathe Brutus's sleeve stained red

Break bread in bent boats bear witness to stay afloat 

But we are inept, kept from the klepto's grasp though solo we rode in so-so cabs

Called back but no answer left our lips

Secrets we all need to keep 

If only we can translate what we dream in our sleep

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Our world
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