Slavery Still Exists


United States
29° 53' 35.1132" N, 90° 1' 40.7532" W

Crawling like a serpent from a western world of ties.
To enterlace another culture with slavery in disguise.
At first the families welcome it, needy and deprived.
The mighty sweatshop voyager has finally arrived.

Shoveled inside textile mills on lacerated farmland
Lonesome children thread garment with their aching hands

Nothing's in it for them except a truly unjust wage
Slavery still exists in this day and age

In the confines of China where masters dress to suppress
Elite doctrine reinstates hard labor in the key to success

Crowded peons nearly suffocate in such great magnitude
Yet continue to labor on as if chained to servitude

Coca-Cola bottling plant, Colombia, a dad loses his mind
The pressure gets too much, he starts to drag behind

He runs outside just to be thrown into another cage
Slavery still exists in this day and age

In Indonesia, a mother of three struggles to make it home
Hands tired and blistered, her mind needs time to roam

Before reporting back to work, she needs some time to rest
Sacrificing her life daily, and for what? Take a guess!

Human rights go up in smoke at a factory in Kenya
A child who faints is kicked aside into the acrid weather
Of course, nobody notices him until it's much too late

Slavery still exists today, now, where is the outrage?


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