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Hell and repression, stuck in a state of repression,
being pushed to far smacked down and shoved back,
forced into ownership into his possession,
trying to escape until you hear of a track,
the Underground Railroad a way out of this life
never expecting to have to leave a family, your wife.

The man had you put down you had to leave
you cry your self to sleep begging them to understand
you tender your broken heart a pain worse then the bundles you would heave
you couldn't be there anymore now you pray to return to that land.
You have to get back to your wife yours kids no matter what it will cost
but soon you find out all the things you truley lost.

The man had broken you pushed you to far, forced you to escape
it never occured to you they were still owned slaves back there
they become your nightmares horror in an owners cape
you make it back just to see the owner beating her.
Your children are gone your family have been sold away
they have died days ago you have nothing to say.

You try to make it right you go running for your girl
but it is to late you are in the hands of the plantations demons
he will kill you just to punish you for a thrill
no matter how hard you scream no matter how many church sermons
you will never get them back because of this man with the grin.
so you begin praying the opertunity to escape will come again

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