To the ones who have no voice, crushed under the heel of another.


I am always hungry, never satified. Somehow, a bowl of rice doesn't fill the void inside.

I wake at 5, I work till night spreads blessed dark across my eyes.

There's no way out, I can't be free, the fleas in my bed never lack feed.


I see other people when master lets me go outside the field.

Their eyes are full of life and joy, their tiny woes will soon be healed.

For me, my spirit crushed beyond repair, joy's not something my heart will wield.


I tried to escape. I was hit with sticks until I almost died. And I wanted to die.

He says he'll let me go when I am old, but it's a lie.

The only way to freedom is to die.


One day, I woke to the sound of guns, shouting. Men had come to break my chains.

I walked away from the farm, heard the sound of a free world in my ears. 

I was freed by someone like you. For the others, will you do the same?






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