I am not going to claim suicide,
suicide wants you to kill yourself,
Its the reason over 800,000 million people lives ended,
In competition but who wants to win,
You or suicde,
So many things it do to hurt you,
Causing your life to be at war,
With depression, hurt and plenty more,
But your body ,your mind,is so much stronger than bad habits and toxic drugs,
Slam your suicide,
Love yourself, self entitlement and encouragement will complete you better than anyone else,
You are not a satistic,
Break the chain, gain a free your mind
Fill the empty spaces by doing what you love like robin,
Eliminate fault, speak over yourself,
Somebody love you, somebody wants to see you happy,
And if you think about it (it's you)
So your life is not over,
You are here for a purpose, not self destruction,
Be someone the world has no choice but to love,
Make a change ,
Be the strongest , The strongest fight for life battles nobody know about , go thru battles to overcome them ,
You have the power so dont drop your pride ,
Slam your suicide.
The edge is just the beginning,
Your worth more than being over,
Move on from what you go thru,
Because you love you,
Love yourself more than you will ever love anyone else

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