Slam Is Called Slam For A Reason

There is a reason slam poetry

Has the word slam in it 
It is meant to hit you
And hit you hard
The words I speak 
Come straight from the heart
And they weigh as much
As the glares I receive 
The pressures I am under 
Each word is filled 
With emotion I've felt first hand
Every sentence
Is a canon fired 
Every syllable should hit you
Slam into you
Take your breath away
With the sheer force of my voice 
I should bring you to your knees
Slam poetry
Is called that for a reason
Cause it should slam into you
With the weight of every feeling
Every emotion
Every memory 
You have tried to contain
But it should also make you weep
Make you feel things 
You never thought you could
Connect you with people
Thousands of miles
And life times away
Because it's not just slam
It's poetry



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