Slam for the Broken

Sat, 06/01/2013 - 00:36 -- chia


United States
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This is a slam for those who are broken
To speak of their pains and words unspoken

This is the story about a girl of six
Sold into slavery and sold into tricks.
Sold by her parents, forced into a cage
Her innocence stolen at such a young age.

Pushed down and played with by many a men
Wishing it would end time and again.
Time felt like eternity, never seeming to cease
The pain in her heart and body increase.

The younger she is the more she is wanted
The look in her eyes is one that is haunted.
Pushed in a room, many girls in a row
Standing before men to put on a show.

Wearing little to no clothes and a pin with a number
All she could do was hold her breath and cumber.
Hearing her number on the list of many
To the men who bought her, she wasn’t worth a penny.

She was nothing but garbage, a piece of trash
If she did not listen to them it would end with a thrash.
She was nothing but a toy and she believed it too
Especially when beaten black and blue.

The time had come to be tormented some more
Made to feel like nothing but a young whore.
To take away any happiness in her heart
For the time of pain was about to restart.

Many are stolen or sold by those they love
This is something many parent never dreamed of.
They were deceived and told a lie
Told she would have a better life, time to say good bye.

They do not understand the pain their baby will go through
Since men only want sex and money and are evil too.
To lie to a family and take just a mere child
To make a baby feel nothing but defiled.

This happens around the world everyday
From China, to India, to France and U.S.A.
So, I plea to you now and forever more
For they have no savior, but us to send for.

This is a slam for those who are broken
To speak of their pains and words uns. .p. .o. .k. . . . . .


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