Raise your hand if you wish for a cure for cancer


Make some noise if you think sexism and misogyny should end


Snap your fingers if you think racism should end right now

Raise your hand if you posted that on social media and thought it would happen...

Thumbs up if you got 50 likes for it

Snap your fingers if you somebody shared it

Raise your hand if you know the answer to this question

How does a click of a button conjure change like a magic trick?


It doesn’t!

Why do people feed into their feed as if it will feed the poor?

Why do we socialize about a social issue and think it resolves with a consensus?

Why do we let words on the screen become the new word of mouth?

Slacktivism, actions performed via the Internet in support of a political or social cause but regarded as requiring little time or involvement

And this is my definition, the act of trying be an activist on social media, acting like you’re empathetic but it’s synthetic, and really you’re just pathetic!


Outta all the ways to waste our time and we choose this!

Kids dying from cancer but we donate with an ¨Amen” instead of donating with our credit cards

Share just to prove we care

But we don’t care to share our care on the given day

I guess sharing the protest is doing the protest and being ‘pro’ everything without making the progress

If that’s the case, then I’ll share images of the demonstration in Chicago at the Donald Trump rally and call it advocacy

So let me get this straight, we can see domestic violence come to life on the screen, so we view the screams on the live stream?


Is Facebook our new reality, our new religion?

Everyone wanna be pastors and priests

Masters and chiefs

Trappers and thieves

Rappers with beats

We rather give a speech than teach

When the truth is out of our reach

When I see a child lying dead in a trashcan am I supposed to feel like my share is gonna bring them back to life?

Like I’m supposed to act like a ‘Like’ equals a prayer, a helping hand, clean water in Flint, Michigan

Reevaluate my morality if I scroll down?

We share to make up for the times we missed at the rallies

We tweet online, but when it’s riot time, we act like flocks of birds who can't sing


It doesn’t matter how many times you retweet about the Chicago shootings if you don’t vote to shift gun laws

If you want to change the wage disparities, change your mind, not your status

It doesn't matter how many times you put out a hashtag if you don’t help to stop the bombings

If you don’t participate in the boycott

If you don't fight back against police brutality

It’s time to put our hands up

Stand up from the keyboard

Focus on the upper-case

Face the world and not let the media book us in!


Now, Clap if you know I’m sharing the truth


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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