Skyline Sentiments

Bright lights, cameras flashing, tourists smiling.

Walk down one street and you get some of the best shopping in the world,

walk down a street adjacent to it and you can find old chinese men selling turtles 2 for 1.

New York City.

Walking down the smoky streets, littered with trash and artists dreams

is the only way I have found solutions to my problems.

Something about the way the lights illuminate my thoughts,

something about the way the dark street corners allow me to see more clearly

into the crevices of my mind.

New York City.

I love the freedom that comes walking down the street.

Freedom to act how I want, dress how I want, do what I want.

Sometimes I walk close enough to people to hear their conversations.

Something about hearing other people’s thoughts gives me clarity to my own,

don’t ask me how that works.

New York City.

The only place I can think.

The only place I can breathe.

The only place I can feel.

The only place I’m me.

Now, I know I wouldn’t be able to literally

pack New York City into a bag and bring it with me somewhere,

But perhaps the things we need the most in life

are the things we carry within our sentiments and our hearts.


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My community


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