The Sky: A Sequel

I think I could stare into the sky forever

No matter what colors it contains in its depths


Sophomore year marching band practice

caught marveling over a dance of

burnt oranges and pastel pinks


A wash of pitch black with stars

twinkling at me as I gaze out of the car window 

with my head turned upside down


At 7 years old, at 17

It makes me feel at peace and simultaneously

slaps me in the face with a nice heap of

existential dread


The impact that I have made on

everything and everyone around me,

and the everlasting impact that I still hope to make


How miniscule I am in proportion to

being yet another soul living on this

hurdling piece of rock drifting off in

the universe


And here I am,

with the sky somehow letting me know

that I'm not that miniscule


For I have gargantuan dreams

This poem is about: 
Our world
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