They use their fingers as rulers

When they measure

Squeezing tighly around my boney wrists

They proudly and strongly tell me

The width is neither accurate nor appropriate 

And the distance between my thighs catch everyone's 


Like the gap is as wide as the whole school combined

They tell me to just eat a cheeseburger as if

I was as light as a feather falling from the sky

Last year a boy looked at me

Shook his head and said damn you are just way to

skinny to be alive

He asked you know boys dont like that right?

Everyone acts as if

Ive never had a damn mirror insigh

But screw what you want me to be

Because I am perfectly fine

And as I walk on the ground the weight I use on every 

step has nothing to do with benefitting your life

So next time I eat I dont need you looking and

Suggesting another bite 

Because this is my life. 


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My community
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