Your skin gets you promoted

My skin gets me deported

Your skin is stern

My skin learns

But skin is just a layer of tissue

So thin

So why do you begin?

You grin, you stare

Because I’m not fair

And it’s not fair

That one man is capable of tearing my dreams

By the seams

He can’t see

What I can be

To him I am a rapist

Why does he hate us?

Your skin is accepted

My skin is rejected

Your skin is the norm

My skin is deformed

And I just don’t understand

Why we are ignored

Not just us but all people of color

We discover

That we can become doctors and engineers

But we will never appeal

And never be accepted

That was my year

I’m not happy about it

Not happy at all

But I will not fall


This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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