Skimming the Surface


The sandcastles crumble, buckets discarded underneath the sand. 

Seagulls follow slowly behind visitors, hoping for a snack.

Waves gently roll onto the shore, ever so slightly revealing the tiny shells of clams that quickly shiver and shake to return under the sand. 

Seaweed twirls carelessly under the surface, wrapping it’s arms around the bodies of fish that swim by. 

A fish surfaces briefly, taking a moment to bask in the sun’s rays. 

The sun disappears to make way for it’s other half: The moon. 

The stars finally appear,

Twinkling, sparkling, glowing, 

Reflecting on the bobbing surface of the water, dancing with each wave. 

Such beauty in a separate world, 

A world we have only seen the surface of. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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