Skepticism in Modern World towards truth


God is NOT dead

Evil is on the rise...some argue

Immorality is at the greatest...others yell

Prove it...screech others

If God created all, why is there bad?

          Why do good  people do bad things?

          Why do bad things happen?


The Defintion of evil: absence of God


Why is there evil? 

     Because people refuse to believe in God, 











ALL this leads to B /  R /  O  /  K  /  E  /  N       L  /  I  /  V  /  E  /  S


So is there hope??


Hope when one forgives

         When one loves

         When one reconciles

        When one chooses to leave the past and follow Jesus, lives change, the world notices, and one can never be the same

This change would impact nations:     

  Hope to the hopeless

    Life to the living dead

       Father to the fatherless

  Fire to the apathetic

      Purpose to the aimless

Healing to the Broken

     Stregth to the weak


It is the change this world needs...   




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