In Sixth Grade, I Was Born

Wed, 08/03/2016 - 10:08 -- Rockiii

My writings scream louder than my voice does sometimes

Growing louder and LOUDER with every verse, with every line

Poetry is what helped me break the silence


In sixth grade I was taught the art of poetry

and it was then that I knew something came over me

Coercing me to never put my pencil down


I would write and write until my words ran dry

And until there was nothing left to say,

Each and every day.


No one understands me the way poetry does

And I think it's because-- unlike my notebook

Nobody takes the time to listen...


To hear me-- to understand me and my thoughts

Unlike the notebook I bought, with my last hope of being heard

The words,-- I write screech louder than that of birds

With my notebook, I have a mouth

And I'm not afraid when my words spill out 

Bleaching the pages with something about

Something about me.


In sixth grade I was taught the art of poetry.

The art of creation. The art of emotion. The art of being me. 

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