Sit before you get shot.

Nobody sees colors but they won’t hesitate to shoot you.

The America we are living in prioritizes prayer rather than real action.

Do not speak too loud buddy or they will shut your mouth.

Sit before it is too late.

Once you look different than everyone, it is over for you.

The world we are living in admires similitude more than personnification.

If you do not follow their lead, your life will be rough.

Sit before you get lost.

Loving hard these days ain’t good for you.

You will get hurt and be misunderstood by your generation.

We are living in a vicious period which creates nothing but largemouth.


Sit and cry my friend.

However, never let anyone see your tears.

People will think you are weak and take advantage of the situation.

Not everybody is human.

Sit and give your life a purpose.

Otherwise, your mission in this world will be unclear.

Count your blessings over your bad decisions.

Recognize that you are valued as a man or a woman.

Sit or else you will be judged for your feelings.

Putting your happiness on somebody, will make your self-compassion disappear.

Lovers are not heroes but partners cooperation.

When it comes to feelings, do not be an utopian!


Sit and be selfish.

Some of your needs need to be taken care of before satisfying other people.

If you put yourself last, people will do it as well.

Stand up for yourself or die for nothing.

Be worth it.

Sit and be thankful.

Stay calm, do not panic, and be gentle.

Being tolerant with yourself is good as well.

Work harder to gain everything.

If you want the world, you need to deserve it.

Sit and apologize.

There is nothing greater than a person who knows his or her mistake toward other people.

Learn to be the reflection of how you want others to treat you as well.

Love will always be unpredictable, but have faith in it.


Annael Julien

March 28, 2019


This poem is about: 
Our world


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