She is your instant best friend. The first time you meet

You will want to spend the rest of your life by her side.

At times she is sour,      at times she is sweet.

The person in which your secrets you can confide.


A sister’s love is unlike any other.

When you are feeling down she can make you smile.

She is the greatest present from your mother.

For her you would go the extra mile.


As the oldest I know it can be hard

Because you are the example they follow.

You protect them from danger.    You are their guard.

You help pick up the pieces when there is sorrow.


Being a middle sister can be fun

Because you show your younger sister the ropes

And your older sister showed you how it’s done.

Nights spent giggling,   discussing dreams and hopes.


Being the youngest means you are the baby.

You receive clothes that were previously worn.

Your parents are experienced so maybe

There are perks to being the last one born.


My younger sisters I adore,

I am grateful to be the oldest of four.




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