Sis Me Sis

I finally had a moment 2 catch up on take'n the time 2 really read, fully Your Words of encouragement.
And 🤍.
And strength.
And belong'n.
I would always peek @ Your message 2 tickle Me thru hard moments.
Which kept Me going this arduous day in order for Me 2 sit back & take it all in, str8 2 Heart.
And Sister, thank You very much 4 BEing there wit Me as I sit here drink'n Myself in.
For, the raw moments powerful as this, causes Me 2 look 'round b4 I dig deep.
And I know Creator answered My prayers when I take a look 'round 2 see Who's stand'n there.
Eye 2 eye wit Me.
Ready 2 go....
I say
"skoden "
and You say
and We all say
That's how I feel, You all..... IN ME.
My Friend group.
Hand in shovel ready 2 help Me dig deep with the intent of Hearts conviction.
To dig out what don't belong.
Making space 4 what does belong in the name of Love.
I felt something 2day that I've never felt B4.
And it's bcuz of You.
My Soul Sisters.
I was walk'n 'round in a daze yesterday 4 the 1st time in My Life I felt this!


And twas then I seen My wish fulfillment right b4 Me.
Prayers answered.
The Solid chosen in One Another comes Family.
In Who have Each Other's back.
And thanks 2 You all, You Lovingly helped Me carry what seemed 2 b a burden & now weighted just as it truly is.
A victory!
And I stand up against opposition to say again
"blacken My eye some more".
For it just makes Me softer in Self.
And with You all, I feel that sense of safety...
That "I'm safe 2 Love & safe 2 be Loved"
My Hearts desires found in Y'all & I'm encouraged truly 4 Who I Am.... just as I have become.
Y'all helped Me find 2 see in Me..
And I Am enough.
I see Me in You All & You All in Me.
What a bond of strength in the come'n of know'n what eels as home when among Family.
For You've helped Me get all this outta Me & I feel even Lighter & more balanced on My feet once again.
Ready 2 float along the flow of Life.
And that's what tomorrow brings.
A blessing.
Imma put My war paint on & speak into existence My Life with more Love 4 Each & Every1 of Us.
Imma finish this out & close wi5h My war dance, boss'd up.
Thank You 4 stand'n by My side.
I Love You Each.... so very precious.

This poem is about: 
My family


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