Siren's Call


I remember the exact moment

When we met.

I opened the door

And she jumped in my lap,

Loving me already.


It never ceases to amaze me

How readily they love,

Though they have every reason

Not to trust humans.


We don’t know where she came from,

Only that her life hasn’t been fair.


Whoever did this to her,

Had no consequences.

They will never understand

How they affected her.


It is clear from the way

She drops to the floor

Every time her name is called

Or when she hears sternness

In someone’s voice.


Wherever she was,

She learned that this was how

To survive;

How to endure what is to come.



She loves each of us

With everything she has.

There is not an ounce of hatred

In her soul.



When she hits the floor,

She knows to expect a belly rub

Rather than a beating.


Every day, I am glad

That we have her.

She represents the innocence

In this world.


Her trust is freely given,

Along with her love;

Something that was not

Shown to her.


But now,

She is safe.

We are her family

And she will never be hurt again.


I know that one day,

She will have to leave.

That is the whole point

Of what we do.


It is never easy

With any of them,

But there is something about her

That makes me dread the day

When she will meet her new



My only comfort

In that moment

Is knowing what we did.


We saved her.

She will love that family

And be loved

Just as she deserves.

She will be happy.


Until that day,

I pretend it will never happen.

I imagine that she will stay

With us forever.


In the back of my mind,

I know the truth.

And I know the pain and heartache

That will consume me

When she’s gone.


And I know the drill.

More will stay with us,

And I will love each of them

With as much of my being.


The cycle will continue

And it will take its toll

On me

But it will be worth it.



Each of these dogs

Has a different story,

But they have all been


One at a time,

We are making a difference.

Saving each of them,

Teaching them how to love.


Humans are a harder

Breed to teach.

There will always be those

Who treat their animals

With such inhumanity.


It makes me ashamed

To know that they live in my world,

That they represent

All humans.


We are the ones

Who are supposed to be civilized,

Yet they are the ones

Who are so quick to forgive

And trust.


She is a Siren

To the world,

Spreading knowledge and truth

Through her story.

She is my Siren,

As she always will be,

As they all are.


Little by little,

More people will see

The truth of how the

Pure in this world

Are treated.


And hopefully,

Each will decide

That they can make

Change happen.





truely increadible story. i can really see the love in what you d through your words. its so amazing how a dog can endure so much and still be a loyal loving companion. thanks to people like you there are countless families made whole and countless lives saved. thank you.

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