Red is dripping

Hands once up are now down


Coming in like a flood

No ark is gon save me now.

sirens of red and blue 

when all I wanna hear is silence

same guys that got my back on this burning concrete 

are the ones coming to save me. 

aint that funny right?


heart beating

Head thumping 

I see lights but they ain't from heaven


I worry for my mama

I wonder how she'll pay her next bill

Or mine, trying to save what's already lost

I worry for my cousin Jamal

I wonder if he'll see my face on the news 

I wonder if that cop will cry when he's behind bars with the rest of us 

or if he'll even go there at all


The black is coming in some more



Mama I swear I did nothing wrong.






This poem is about: 
My country


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