Washington, DC
United States
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It pulled me in like a siren

It crashed into me like head on collision

on the highway of life


I was hooked

It became my forbidden fruit

The apple I wanted so badly

But knew I shouldn’t have


I indulged in it

I let it steal my sleep

My thoughts always turned back to it

Throwing itself on to me

I was willing to give up paradise for it


The poisonous juices were consumed so much

I knew I had to stop

But it was like a leech

Sucking the life out of me, draining all of my time and energy


Dr. Jekyll became my name

And Mr. Hyde was who I wanted to destroy


Every distraction brought it back to my attention

When I sobered a fire burned in me so

I wanted to destroy myself because I couldn’t let it go


I wanted it

But I knew it was wrong

It was my royalty

And I was the peasants who revolted


It countered me with shame and guilt

‘Who would ever look at you the same?’

I retreated from the battlefield


I have to defeat it

But what ammunition do I have

Where can I turn when I know the world will look down on me?


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