A Single Star

Sat, 02/28/2015 - 15:48 -- Bella_W

I hear the voices calling to me.

Through the deepening shadows.

Through the pouring rain.

Through the ever-thickening dark.

I listen to them screaming in my ears.

Causing my blood to boil

And my nerves scream in pain.

I hopelessly look towards the dark sky.

Seeing nothing but blackness for miles and miles.

If only a single, shining star

Would appear before my eyes.

I think I might survive.

But, alas, as I stare up into the deep, blackened night…

I feel my hope begin to drain.

But, suddenly, as I start to slink away,

Into the shadows of the night,

I feel a tug, in the back of my mind,

To take a look, just one last time.

But, when I do, there is nothing there.

Yet, as I start to look away,

A wind blows through the trees,

And a cloud moves just enough,

That I see a single, shining star.

And as I stare, amazed

I can feel my hope returning.

Because now I know,

I will find my way through this dark. 

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