Single Red Line

One red line


Just like her

Spinning around in a never ending world

Never knowing where she fit in

Constantly scared

Constantly judged

Painful day after day

Until she came to find a savior

Broken glass

From mirrors past

A sharper edge

Than the words thrown at her from a cruel world

Perfect porcelain cover

Now marked by a single red line

Far from the end

It continued

Again and again

Until that skin

So perfectly unmarred

Was now a mosaic of harsh red lines

Deeper and deeper everyday

Mirroring her pain

Until one day

There were no more marks to be made

Because there was no more space

In one final effort

To ease her pain

Another single red line

Except instead of on her vein

This one came around her throat

Then all the pain departed

No one left broken-hearted


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