Single Ladies


Cinderella cleans away

Washing, working, chores, no play

Will the prince come save her day?

He would rather eat fillet.


Sleeping Beauty slumbers deep

By her side the faeries weep

Will the prince his promise keep?

He would rather go to sleep.


Snow White in her coffin cold

Glass makes sure she’ll ne’er grow old

Shall he grant a kiss so bold?

He would rather count his gold.


Rapunzel in her castle tall

None dare climb it, lest they fall

Will he come and risk it all?

He would rather play kickball.


We cannot fritter away this life

Waiting for someone to end our strife

Go seek in the world a match to make

Or be happy single, for your sake.


He will not come save your health

You alone can save yourself.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

interesting twist and yet it connects to real life situations 

well written 

keep building off your creative ideas

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