Sincerely, A Butterfly

Fri, 10/12/2012 - 14:20 -- xayanax


United States
33° 55' 0.2568" N, 118° 7' 47.3628" W

A maggot can change, but no more than a fly
Starts off in its filth and takes it to the sky

Can’t wish to be the caterpillar, that’s naturally pretty
Evolving into the butterfly, a thing of pure beauty

Surrounding yourself with these beautiful things
Only to devour upon their wings

I can tell you now “I see what you are”
Just a creature that’s made it, oh so far

Feed on what’s given until none is to give
Keep on consuming until I can’t live

Have you turned your wants into needs, out of curiosity?
Or do you destroy what’s great out of greed and voracity?

A truth or lie is what I ask today…
“Why attempt to take what makes me away?”

Tell the lie from a mind so hallow
Let it be filled with infinite sorrow

But truth be said from your soul’s expense
You’ll be glad that you had one bit of sense

One of two options, you know what to do
Speak out of pity, or the right one for you

For a fly that’s still lost at it’s nearest end
Should expect no less when born again…

And when your true shall show
My wings will finally grow….
Good-bye fly.
A Butterfly


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