Simply Intolerable

Its flawless face is veiled with tension like a bride on her wedding day,
except this was no wedding day and I was no bride.
No explanation could justify this irrational ruin of these flawless, crisp, white pieces of paper
over such nonsense in a book.
This is simply intolerable to work with.
Give me those flawless, crisp, white pieces of paper;
I can make a piece of art out of them
with a teeny centimeter of imagination and a 2B pencil.
Maybe I could even sketch a beautiful bride on her wedding day.
But of course, you had to go and ruin it.
You ruined these flawless, crisp, white pieces of paper
with pi,
square roots,
irrational numbers,
and variables;
x, y, and z.
Simply intolerable.


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