The Simplicity of Drinking Tea

Fri, 09/23/2016 - 12:12 -- Foxy814

Simplicity embarks my veins

A voyage of bittersweet delicacy

Entrapped in the fragile estate of a porcelain cup

There I take a sip

Feeling the smoothness of the liquid glide over my tongue

Like a lover’s waltz underneath moonlight shards

The substance sloshes inside, like a green wave pool

Steam becomes snakes and wraps itself around each other

Tangling, jumbling, coiling

The scent of the herbs mixed with a splash of mint

Fill my senses as I take one more sip

I close my eyes, feeling the stress subside

It melts away like snow when the temperature is too warm outside

Yesterday’s problems cease to exist

Today’s problems fade away for another time

A smile pushes up at my cheeks

Happiness seeps into my blood,

Making my heart leap

And my eyes crinkle up into stars

For I felt as if I drank the whole entire world in such a little cup

With just a few sips of green tea.

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