A Simple Word


United States
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The simple term love
Is seriously overly used.
People may say it, but do they mean it?
You have heard it, but have you seen it?
Such a deep, emotional word,
Strong affection or
Passionate emotion for one person from another.
An emotion so deep and so large, that some say it can smother—
Crush, hrut and possibly kill.
Love—to some it may seem feverish, ill
To others, it may have no meaning at all—but hey!
There is not enough of it here to stay.
And hatred,
Some say that teens can’t feel it—
That it is actually lust.
You people say that to feel this emotion is a must,
Yet you are the same people who tell us that we know no such word.
You say, to us males, that it’s just us trying to get in some little girls pants.
You say, to our females, that they are sluts and whores tricked into giving some little boy the chance,
To get them pregnant.
Such a useless strong word.
Love, amounting to pity.
Domestic violence
Community silence
And juvenile defiance.
Such an overly used term.
“men” thinking that they have to be firm
With our women
And women thinking they have no choice but to obey.
Thinking in her house, she has no place to stay.
When she bought and paid… for the crib.
But no! It’s Love!
What does this word really mean?
Is it even a word? An emotion?
To be in love, both sides must have this emotion to donate
To one another. But wait!
It’s Love!
Is it possible with the same sex? The same gender?
This “emotion” theis “word” is the same thing idiots attempt to hinder
And destroy.
Girl with girl or boy with boy,
Why break down something so beautiful, so majestic, so serene?!
Love! Willing to give up everything for this passion is what I mean!
Hated and overrated.
Abused and misused.
Mistreated and defeated
By hatred.
Without love, this world wouldn’t go ‘round.
No one would be safe nor sound.
All life would cease to exist.
But it’s love!
Once spoken, there is a spot in the heart that never missed.
Once broken, there is no one in the relationship who won’t be pissed.
Though, just saying it while playing it
Ain’t gone mean nothing,
It’ll amount to too much negativity.
Love. The term is seriously overly used.
Beaten and battered.
Abused and misused
Mistreated and defeated
By the liars of this planet.
Love. Do you believe that it exists?


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