The Simple Things

Sometimes nothing goes right,
It’s hard to continue, put up a fight.
The world beats you down 
Until you’re crawling on the ground
Beaten, and bruised, and broken,
All that you had to say unspoken.
But the sun will come up tomorrow; Right?
And the stars will still shine bright in the night,
The grass will still grow tall and green 
And its morning dew will remain serene. 
The roses and daffodils still smell sweet,
And the blue jays continue their joyful tweet.
Maybe life’s not so bad; right?
Maybe the good are just hidden; out of sight.
So next time you’re feeling down and out,
Listen to what I’m talking about,
Sometimes nothing goes your way,
But the simple things; they are always here to stay.
This poem is about: 
Our world


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