A Simple Relationship

When I'm with you is like paradise, an unexplainable feeling 

I smile when I think of you, your hugs

Is that love? Does love really exist?

You’ve learned to gain my trust

You’ve treat me with respect

You’ve been there when nobody else was 

Is what im feeling love? Is it really love?

Spending time with you is a constant laughter 

I Enjoy every second, every minute I'm with you 

Love is not just saying “I love you”

Jealousy is not love

Making the other person feel like trash isn’t love

‘I love you” is not something you can say lightly 

“Because I love you” is not something you can use as an excuse 

Saying “because I love you” after a lie is not love

“I love you” comes from deep in your heart

It can take a weeks or years to love someone, it grows within you

Love is being with that special someone through thick and thin 

your ride or die 

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