Simple Reflection

I look out the window and what do I see?

I see a strange little girl staring right back at me.

She scrunches her nose and begins to pout

because she just cannot seem to figure me out.

I know we have seen one another before but where?

The girl looks so defeated it's completely unfair!

Her eyes look heavy; my heart is just torn

to see such a person so tired and worn.

Her hair is crazed, quite knotted and deflated.

I stare into her eyes to see her life is complicated.

She seems to never complain or ever ask why,

but she always gets hurt no matter how hard she tries.

I cannot stare any longer. I have to look away

before I say something that makes her have to pay.

Her eyes widen slowly and her heart begins to race

for she knows where she has seen my very familiar face. 

I am neither a stranger nor could I ever really be

for the girl in the window is a simple reflection of me. 





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