Simple Little Words

A creative child

Driven wild

By one’s own imagination


Thoughts abound

Running around

Dreaming of creation


No one knows

A story untold

Of one’s pent up emotions


No way to express

Filled with stress

Dreaming of an outlet


No drawing talent

My mind will not relent

What is there to do?


I cannot paint

I cannot think

With all my thoughts just swimming


Then one day

I started to think

Maybe I should try a new thing


I dropped my stencil

And grabbed a pencil

And began to write my words


It came to me easily

Like a bee making honey

And I knew that this was for me


After so much failure

I had found success

With simple little words


My relief I couldn’t express

My mother could attest

I had found fire and excitement


In simple little words


Happiness and joy it brings to me

Like pollen to a honey bee

My outlet I have finally found


Thanks to simple little words


The feelings evoked by life

Are like the waves of the ocean

Finally, I can release them


With simple little words


With so much happiness

And so much strife

I cannot keep it bottled up


And this is why

I stay up at night

Just to write


Simple little words


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