Simple definition on a quest

Grew up in a medium home.

She will probably never visit Rome.

Learned to speak English, 

Was bullied due to her weight.

Never thought she could score a date.

Yet she felt gorgeous.

She grew up very religious.

Had an amazing childhood. 

She started a dream.

She would smile but alone would cry a river stream.

Her motto, "don't judge a book by its cover".

She found herself a lover. 

Made her feel she was the one.

She felth she had won.

Lover became ill.

His medication she began to fill $$$.

He mistreated her, she took the beating. 

She found out he was cheating.

The relationship split.

Her anger lit.

Hatred became her scapegoat.

Anger feared her.

Would she hurt him? Sure!

Took hours of therapy.

She hates the empathy.

Her identity she lost.

Day by day she tries to regain herself at any cost.

She's pushing through.

No one knows her story, only a few.

She cries day in and day out.

She wants to get lost to re-route.

She lost her happy times.

She writes and rhymes.

Yet it meakes her feel better. 

She keeps to herself a letter.

Nothing is better said.

She cries herself to bed.

She lost her faith.

Anger is a rage.

She will forget but yet not forgive.

She will get but not give.

She shields, 

She has been trying to heal.

She's been better.

Family and friends pick her up for better.

She has succeeded.

Honors repeated.

College comes easy.

Her personality is cheesy.

Yet she is not easy.

Love for her is overrated.

Her life has been graded.

It is on hold.


Feelings of a suffered teen soon to accomplish many dreams to be told.


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