"A Simple Beat" (dedicated to music and its teachers)

When we were all born, 

we had a simple beat in our chest. 

Our hearts keeping rhythem, 

growing into something I do best. 


Tapping my foot

to the sound I hear. 

The symphonic simplicity

that I can feel ever so clear. 


The way the music moves me

in each and every way, 

maybe is the reason

why I'm still here today. 


So what's a boy do

when he finds passion in what he loves? 

Of course, he takes the chance

and flys with it like a dove. 


He picked up that wooden body

with its six copper strings

and began his long journey

of creating sound, and the music it brings. 


He found a purpose in life

after he played a long while. 

Producing a beautiful tone

and seeing other people smile. 


He loved happiness and joy, 

and lived with inner peace. 


with the positivity he would release. 


And with this in mind, 

he practiced as much as he could. 

Beginning as a child, 

and continuing into adulthood. 


Because no matter what age, 

I'll always have this passion. 

The beauty of sound

pulls me in with its alluring attraction. 


And if I were ever to get lost

on my never ending quest, 

I'll remember the beauty of my sound

began with the beat in my chest. 


Music is what makes the world go 'round, 

so let's all come together and make a wonderful sound. 



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