silver sharpie

I'm not a great poet, not a great writer

But you are great with words, great at being a friend

(Not necessarily a great artist, though)

When asked about my favorite person, my favorite thing, I have you, and I have This.

So this is a not great poem by a not great writer about a great friend.

It starts with a picture of you- a picture of us.

You gave me a picture frame for Christmas, a black and white photo of our favorite moment together

On the frame you wrote, "When This You See - Remember Me."

(the frame is broken- I'm sure you never knew it- but the frame is broken)

Except, you had to write over tape, because underneath the tape on the frame you tried writing the same words

Your silver sharpie ran out of ink midway: "When This Y-"

I like to imagine your adorable frustration, trying to find a solution to this new problem

You put tape over this unavoidable inconvenience and rewrote the words I stare at every day in a new black sharpie.

And the truth is, I do.

When This I see, I remember You.

I remember the scar on your forehead, the lines on your palms, the way you shift your balance and rock back on your heels

I remember every part of you, even without seeing This.

You're two thousand nine hundred miles away yet sitting right here on my nightstand

I can't live without you, without This

And I know I'll never have to.

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