Silver Flames


Silver flames.

Cold rain.

Dark nights.

The sight of lightning is


Thunder rumbles
Like hungry stomachs
Yurning to feast.
Winds blow rapidly
Whiplashing the skins 
Of pedestrians.
Running frantickly to their

The storm has began.
Silver flames range changing from 

light to dark like a gradient spectrums.

Trees bleed green liquid raindrops .

hail showers touches the cabin's

window pane.

hard like titanium

long lasting like lithium batteries.

But what is an electronic without springs?

Can it stay in place and

do what it takes to operate properly?
Who are you when it storms?

Do you follow the norms?
Are you Impotent or omnipotent?

Or are you a doormat?
Walked all over, stained
And often used.

Confused with frustration.

Resulting in desparation for savior.

Surrounding irritations leads to agitation.

  When that silver flame Ignites Inside you.

Do you have the tools to remove

or reduce the chances of losing your screws?

The storm is coming closer. 

Will you make it through?

Or will you be taken over?


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