The Silver Albatross

Eventually I saw the error of my ways.

I tried to keep you all locked up inside a metal cage.

I wanted you to be all mine forever and some more,

But what I found was that your spirit was not too fond of doors.


I tried to coax and trick and sway

Your beauty evermore into that cage.

But by and by you saw right through,

and quickly flew across the room.


I wanted to show you to the world.

Your beauty unmatched when unfurled.

But I hath tread one greatest sin;

To try to keep your beauty in.


But O’ the fateful September day, the window left ajar.

You saw your chance and took it and flew out to afar.

I sighed and knew my folly as soon as you were gone

Your silver wings had yearned for space. I loved you for too long.

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