Silent Words


The color of his eyes are like diamonds. That stare through my soul. 

Beautiful eyes, blue or green. 

As green as the grass but with a simple switch of his mood, 

turning as blue as the sky and ocean. 

As I stare deeply into eyes, I get lost and then

 I feel a wave come over me. 

Chills climb up my body and make the butterflies twirl in my stomach. 

Then I'm back into reality. 

His eyes bring me such joy, when I look, I see the love. 

The love he shows only for me. 

The love that I will never lose. 

I can feel his embrace, 

and then his stare, focused only on me. 

His eyes, I can stare into them for enternity. 

From that I know, he speaks with his eyes to me. 


how much he loves me. 

Those silent words. 

Known to me and only me. 






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