Silent Screams (Breathless)


The agony rings throughout my old bones
A silent melody that deafens me so
My heart pounds through my chest, to my surprise
I almost can't believe the shattered organ can still beat
While death seems to surround me,
A twinkle of life flows everlastingly through my veins
A torment I must forever cope with
I've been given no other choice
The suffering lasts long after the scars have healed, 
And only a memory remains
A prayer printed in blood, "Lord, please take me now"
Yet only a demented chuckle echos through the streets
Damned, I must be.
And for what reason, I know not.
I only spend each living day
Praying and begging that the end be quick and take me soon
But who hears my cries?
The emptiness, the darkness is all I can see
The emptiness, the darkness is all I can hear
Yet it is that very emptiness, that very darkness that I fear
That haunts me in my terrors, day and night
That suffocates my very being and infects what I believe to be my soul
That corrupts my mind and steals what is left of my innocence
That keeps me breathing yet... breathless


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