silent masks.


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They ask me why I never speak

Why my face holds a constant expression

Don’t tell them now, then they’ll know

A face of half-worn smiles and quiet laughs

A lack of personality, I think not

But we all wear our silent masks

A slight pause of hesitation

Before every word and thought

No don’t say that, they’ll only hate

You for it.

“We’re always here for you,” they say

[don’t believe them, it’s a lie]

Why should I tell you how I feel

If it will only be disregarded?

My hopes and dreams

Were shot down once

[like a dove, right through the chest]

After that I had vowed, ‘never again.’

A stony façade from here on out

Never again will I let you in

Never again will you knock me down

Because never again will you know

What’s inside of me.

A thousand words will never tell

The emotions that I feel inside

You underestimate me, but just you wait

It will be me at the top of the chain one day

But for now

I keep my eyes forward

Jaw unclenched

For now we wear our silent masks.


The Bird

I love this. It captures what I go through in my classes.

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