What do I have to say?

That I know anything?

Can I tell you to grab my hand and follow me through the woods?

And I will lead you to the path towards enlightened good

Or will we get lost

And I cannot tell you the way

But nonetheless I have something to say

I have something to say

Because through internet and radio

My voice can reach the world

I have something to say

Because my words can move the soul

Because my lessens can mend a mind

I have something to say

Because my words can mingle with yours

We have something to say.

Untapped worlds lie between our words

Trapped, by malnourished condition

A flimsy glimpse of fear.

All we need is to say it to the world so that they may listen.

But they may not want to hear

But the world speaks back

But they judge

But they fear

But maybe I can’t help -

Maybe I can only hurt when I say look up

What will they think when they find that l cannot see the treetops

That Bugs and birds may know its leaves but I will never reach them.

No, another is better

Someone more suited than I

I will simply stand here

And watch as you go by.


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