The silence world



While growing up, I always stood at the crossroads between deaf world and hearing world. There have been times when I have to face situations that are very difficult for me. Like, how I choose a road to take to go to between the two worlds. For instance, when it comes to choosing the two worlds I had to go on roads between pride and pity. Between winning or losing.Between hardships and blessings.

I didn' have a choice to become either deaf or hearing. I was born deaf and slowly adapted to the deaf world. Often the society around me often recognizes deafness as just having hearing loss and not being able to hear. Being raised deaf, I defined being deaf in the deaf world isn't just about hearing loss and not being able to hear. It has its beliefs, language,cultures,behaviors, art, literary traditions, history, and values.

There are times when people put pity on me or even put anger in me. It's when they feel sorry for me for being deaf or when they make me suffer because I'm deaf. Sometimes I walk around feeling sorry for myself for being deaf then I snap myself out of it because I believe being deaf is a blessing. Not a curse. Sometimes its unfortunate to be not be able to hear as many things I would like to but it makes me special to be able to be deaf and be a part of deaf world where its offer with so many.

I might be born deaf and been blessed with deaf world but I been raised in hearing world. Its where I faced alot of challenges, struggles. and hardships. Being in the hearing world, I'm always trying to either put puzzles together to figure out what's going on in the hearing world or staying quiet as a rock because being deaf and hearing is all about struggling and putting myself to work. It's being able to read facial expressions or body movement to be able to read lips clearly so I could try to figure out what's being said. Its not being able to hear any sounds like a baby cry or puppy whimpering. It's not being able to fit in 100% into hearing world.             


Between the crossroad of deaf world and hearing world , I'm always going down both roads because its a blessing to be able to get the best of both worlds. My struggles,hardships and challenges as a deaf person has made me an courageous,brave, trustworthy,loyal,compassionate and a leader of my own. If there was an opportunity of becoming hearing, I would be fine as a deaf person because I have a lucky blessing of being able to take the best of hearing and deaf world. Being deaf has made me who I am today as well.


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