Silence: Sometimes it's Just Plain Yellow

He called me out but your back was turned
Boys are laughing and you don’t hear a word
My throat is closing; I am too embarrassed to breathe
I guess that’s what happens when the whale is out of the sea

The boring bookworm in fifth grade, my parents never knew
The sweaty-palmed fat girl next, the names only grew
But you never did anything, O Potency.
And now the names are nothing new

I’ve weighed the pros and cons
But the scale is one-sided
They told me I was wrong,
But I’ve already decided
Trust is shattered, broken glass splattered
And all I can see is the downward spiral

Just a misfit in the Land of Misfit Toys
But in front of you, O Santa, I’m always poised
A Jack-in-the-box that makes no sound
You always wind me up, but fail to see that I just stay down

Counting calories, counting days
Counting dollars, counting ways
For you to see what has always been there.
Turn on the lights, wake up from your cloud
You don’t need good hearing to hear silence that loud
You lowered my standards, for that I cannot easily forgive
I must work harder to attain what you failed to provide me with

So continue your ways, oh loving teacher of mine
But always do remember,
My memory cannot turn back time.


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