.......Silence it drags on it heavy opressive like a giant cloak covering everything in sight 

the worst kind of silence is the one after the questIons asked when people want to hurt the critical ones that are brought up after analyzing each other picking at weaknesses 

The questions that start with color, race, home situation, stereotypes sugar coated mockery and end with tears pain lost self esteem and self hate 

Silence cuts like the sharpest knife when no one stands out to break it and speak out against injustice racisim profiloing and bullying 

Who wants to though silence is two faced if its not aimed at you why get in the way your safe aslong as you dont make yourself a target

It is patethic it is sad a new level of survival let the fire consume the weak ones and hide behind the bullies shadow 

If they cant see you they cant hurt you better to sit back and watch someone else break apart from the questions you know you couldnt take 

Silence is suffocating it is the best guilt when you seal lips dont let out what is eating you when you dont speak you cant rid yourself of the self hate of being a coward 

Their is no hurry though as long as their people to take your fall you have all the time to let the silence eat your insides

The questions are just as bad as the ones who speak them the ones who disregard silence guess momma was just lying when she said if you dont have anything nice to say then dont speak at all

It must have been because they have all the mean in the world pouring it out and nothings happened yet nothing stopped them yet so go on and on 

Silence is haunting because aslong as you where silent you will remenber the sad broken look of the let down best friend, the dissapointed girlfriend, the yet again bullied kid, the new foreing outsider who just wanted a friend silence makes sure you never forget 

Brains are over run with memories that either serve as the breaking point or examples as to why you should stay out of the way because once again its not you its them

So what if your alone know surrounded by the images of when your friends talked to you of when your girlfriend loved you of when that you werent so sick of yourself  

So what you never needed anything just bring the cigarrette closer to your lips its time to forget once again

Silence is murderous it ruins lives becuase that boy you let get draged throught the mud one to many times is know dead he couldnt take the silence anymore couldnt take being alone no one cared so why should he right? 

Know will you finally talk know wil you finally break out and go apologize to his family for not being able to be a better person before what you knew was wrong 

Know do you realize what you have done your not going to jail nothing bad will happen to you not consequence but you feel like it should 

You have just done the worst thing possible and you know it your a murderer just as bad as the question speakers 

Silence is a dual edge blade it has finally ruined you even though you didnt give the boy a gun you helped put it in his mind and know your left with the thought that you didnt make the difference you knew you could have 

Silence will not save you in the end silence will not help you make amends silence will not bring anyone back silence is just the absence of the words and actions you should have done and know silence is all you have left careful you dont infect the rest 


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