I love how I don't need explanations.

People do what they want without hesitation.

Yet all my life, people had me waiting.

Give me a moment of silence for all of the realization.


Don't watch clocks, your not allowed to spare time.

Even though you hate when people wait in a line.

I just can't help but want to whisper out.

Give me a moment of silence it you just lay around.


Consider it false but I've never been lazy.

Yet people sit around and always expect payment.

And I think am I only one saying,

Give me a moment of silence if your losing your patience.


Silence for all the mothers, who just want a break.

Silence to all the veterans, who makes

my heart break.

Silence for the children with cancer, that beat fate.


Give me a moment of silence and take away the hate.


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Our world
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