My hand shakes as I reach for the door.

I can barely keep myself standing upon this floor.

I turn the knob, ever so carefully.

And open the door successfully.

I walk in and look all around.

But despite all the faces, there isn't a sound.

I slowly walk towards a seat,

And I lay out my pencils, all tidy and neat.

All of a sudden, the bell rings.

And it's as if everyone is sitting on springs.

They hop out of their chairs, like they're on fire,

And start singing, just like a choir!

I keep to myself unsure of what to do,

When all of a sudden I hear an "ACHOO!"

Everyone stops their singing and looks through the room,

And then they laugh it off and resume!

The teacher walks in laughing and sits down,

Then looks around and gives everyone a frown.

Umm excuse me sir,

I whisper.

I transferred into this class from the regular level.

Then he smiles slyly, as if The Devil.

Ahh yes we've been expecting you,

He says and then he gives a small cue.

One of my new classmates, whom I recognize,

Starts to point to students, and identifies

Each student by first and last,

As I stand aghast,

Do they really think I don't know my own classmates?

It's all giving me a headache.

I transferred from regular math,

To a higher, more advanced class, to challenge my path.

I take in the silence of my time alone,

And wish I were somewhere, somewhere I'd call Home.

- Hannah Rickert, High School Student

You see,

This Poem was written by me.

But it is not all real,

Just for appeal,

I made up some things, and others are true.

But hey, check out my other poems why don't you?

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