There's a group of people, living in silence - in the darkenss

Many are aware of their existence

Many are not

Who am I to shine light on them - shine the truth

It makes me sick to the stomach

It makes me cold to the bone

It makes me cry in pain, while I turn my head away

Why must they hide?

Why must they fear?

Why must they live such a life?

Why can't we stop and not discriminate?

After all, they have done no wrong

They are our friends, our family, and our neighbors

They left their old lives and came to thrive next to us 

I see no wrong in that, I see greatness

They exchanged a shining life to one full of darkness 

Not everyone sees their existence through my eyes

Some discriminate and use their power to afflict danger on them

Some seek the most powerful seat in a nation to make them out to be the worst that a human being can be

I will not stand for this, I ask for all of us to stop and love

To not hate and burn

But to cherish and grow

Grow like I haved

Learn like I haved 

Love like I haved

Accept like I haved

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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