Tue, 04/22/2014 - 23:00 -- Choyce


They keep me in silence

They say hush little girl know your place

So Instead of keeping silent

I settled for whispers

Teach me how to be rebellious

Because i never knew the ways of the wicked

But i sure put up a front

I knew how to analyze and imitate

But it only left the residue of blunt words molded with sarcasm


Interesting how my voice can sound so sweet

Dancing in the air of defeat

I am left with words that have diminished in value

That only can be rebuild through poetry

But those who need to hear it are never there to listen

So i sat in a corner and Convinced myself

That sadness was just foreplay to a never ending intercourse with anger

So i settled for rage

And as it started to build up i wanted to scream on top of my lungs

I am not the perfect girl you think i am And i dont want to be.

I have been polished with silk hankerchiefs

And only God knows how bad my soul wants to breath

shhhhhh Sorry...

I just never understood why the hopeless

depended on a young girl who hasn't even found herself yet

What do i have to give to u? With just a murmur of words that can soothe you to sleep

Although i couldnt tell u all you wanted to hear

I was forced to never tell the truth

Who am i?

I am not here to save you

I am no one with just silence and whispers


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