Life is a boulder; I am a rock. 

Its shadow smothers me under its intimidation. 

My courage and will begins to rot. 

I am insignificant.


I dismiss myself just as all the other rocks.

Nothing special, nothing precious.

I can't compare to a significance of a boulder. 

It's so massive and pretentious. 


But as I roll to the edge of its shadow,

a light so inviting and sky so blue,

I begin to think of the wonders of the world.

I begin to think about myself too. 


Who cares if I'm just a rock?

Even if I'm such a small part of the world.

I am a piece of a whole. 

I can make a difference. 

I am significant.


The boulder of life begins to chip away.

My confidence begins to grow. 

My whole life is out there. 

I am not just a rock.


Life may have its struggles.

Chip, chip, chip. 

Life may be painful.

Chip, chip, chip.

Life might be hard.

Chip, chip, chip.

But life be damned if I let it have its way.

Chip, chip, chip.


As the sun's rays hit me, 

I feel all-powerful and divine.

Life doesn't control me,

I will make myself true to time.


I am the boulder; life is the rock.

I grip it in my hand, and hold it close. 

I look up determined; now I call the shots.

Life shall go my way. 


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