Watching silently

Heart filled with emotion

It is soon to burst

Her eyes have already

No one knows the pain

But they know the brave face

And they ask if , ask if she’s okay

But she simply says, simply says “What do you think?”

Like a silent ghost she proceeds to walk away, walk away

Walk into a silent and sinful night

And as she walks she leaves a trail of black underneath the now gloomy ground

The tears she sheds stain the Earth

For they are acidic, acidic and painful as well as staining

The tears shall remain forever embedded, embedded in the ground’s smile and smirk

But nothing shall change within the girls silly silky self worth

Her tears continue to be repetitive as they come like clockwork

Everyday and every night

But no one shall know this because she walked away, walked away all the way,all the way

out of sight


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